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**Leonardo Hamato**


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CHARACTER NAME Leonardo Hamato (
[personal profile] the_dancing_dork | TMNT 2012)

Age 15

Gem Hemimorphite

Permissions No NSFW content or anything too shippy/violent without talking to me first. Otherwise, I'm all for anything!

NOTES Beware the power of dork
☆ Camouflage - ability to blend in with any setting like a chameleon would.

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Player Info:
Name: Callie
Timezone: EST
Contact: Email: tmntluver487@gmail.com
Plurk: calliecatt93

Character Info:
Name: Leonardo 'Leo' Hamato
Age: 15

First, aim to list 5-7 bullet points of the history of your character.

  • Brothers are mutated when babies.

  • Turtles go topside after fifteen years, aliens kidnap people, and Leo becomes leader of the team because he asked to be.

  • Evil Foot Clan appears in the city and their leader beats them up, breaking Leo’s confidence as leader..

  • Leo gets frustrated with his brothers and quits being leader, but eventually return. During this he meets an enemy kunoichi named Karai who he develops a crush on.

  • Leo is convinced to betray Karai to take down Shredder, the Foot leader, while hes out in the open. It fails and Karai now wants revenge.

  • An alien invasion happens with Leo twice sacrificing himself to stop it and for his family to be safe. It succeeds, but not for long.

  • Turtles cause a mutagen spillage in the city that threatens to mutate people.

  • Leo is captured by Karai and learns that she blames his adopted father for her mother’s death. He knows it’s a lie and said father, Master Splinter, reveals that Karai is his long lost daughter.

  • Leo tells Karai the truth about her identity. She doesn't believe him until she fakes it to find Splinter. it ends with her discovering the truth, but being captured by the Foot.

  • Leo rescues Karai, but she goes after Shredder to get revenge. It ends with her being mutated and running away and Leo left guilt-ridden for not stopping her.

  • Another alien invasion separates Leo from his family and he is mercilessly beaten up by the awaiting Foot Clan. he is tossed through a window before his family, near dead as they take him out of the city.

  • Leonardo is a mutant turtle who is serious, disciplined, and determined in everything that he does. He is described as the ‘fearless leader’ by his brothers due to his boundless determination and perseverance. Indeed, Leo takes his duty as the ‘leader in blue’ very seriously and his mind is always on the task at hand. He is always thinking ahead and his tactical mind and out fo the box thinking as well as great ninjutsu skill make him both a very skilled leader and a very skilled ninja. His fighting skills are high and he trains long and hard to keep it that way. He also tries hard to keep his brother sin line, especially when on a mission that this at times has mixed results, much to his irritation.

    But while Leo is serious-minded, that isn’t who he is all of the time. He is an optimistic and friendly teenager who isn’t incapable of kicking back and acting like the kid that he is. He enjoys comic books, video games, and goofing around with his brothers when he has the chance. He is a huge fan of Space Heroes (a Star Trek parody) and has modeled himself, at least initially, after the show’s protagonist Captain Ryan. Even now he’ll still watch it happily whenever he gets the chance. He’s got a strong sense of justice and tries to do the right thing and live by the values that he was taught by Master Splinter which he also tries to get his brothers to do. He is a good-hearted person with a heroic spirit and that helps him to keep pressing on in spite of what he has to face.

    But Leo’s road as leader hasn’t been an easy one. He discovered that it was a thankless job and it frustrated him, leading to him briefly walking away from the position. he has sacrificed many personal freedoms and has even been willing to sacrifice his life to get the job done. He works hard to be a good leader, but he is fearful of failure and constantly worries over whether he truly is good enough. But even when worried, he will do anything for his family and to ensure that they are safe. His family means everything to him and no matter what, he will lead them to safety whether they succeed or fail at the mission at hand. He will do this even if it causes great harm for himself, such as recently where in order to protect his family, he got separated from them and received a merciless beatdown from the Foot Clan that ended in him being barely alive. When he awoke, he was weak in both body and soul, currently suffering from depression and frustration over how he isn’t getting better. But even like this, he will still do whatever it takes to protect his family because that means more to him than anything else.

    Gem Considerations: Leo’s gem shall be a hemimorphite. embeded where his heart would be. At the point of his canon that he’s from, he has been broken both physically and emotionally. He is feeling doubt over himself and of his capability as a leader to his family. The gem can help him on his road to recovery and get his confidence and strength back as well as give him more insight and spiritual growth to become an even better leader and person than before.
    Power considerations:
    List Three Powers You Would Like Your Character To Have:
    • Camouflage like a chameleon

    • Sensing enemy presences

    • Power over wind

    Leo has no powers in canon. so he won’t be losing anything. As for gaining powers, he’d be very shocked at first. But it wouldn’t take him long to get over the shock and work on learning to use and control his powers.

    Sample: Sample Thread


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